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Pilot Testing + Getting Your Calls on the Go

posted Mar 26, 2015, 12:59 PM by pfaff@simmons.edu
Pilot Testing
Simmons Technology and the Library staff are currently testing the new phone system to ensure that both the infrastructure and phone features work as expected. The testing period will also provide an opportunity for our team to troubleshoot any problems encountered during installation of the new phones, and to verify that the new system will match and exceed the level of service provided by our current platform.

Get Your Calls on the Go
After the snow day (or five) we experienced this winter, we think everyone will appreciate the twinning feature available on the new phone system. Twinning allows you to forward calls from your office phone to a mobile phone or your home phone. Once activated for your extension, you can turn this service on and off at any time, making it a perfect solution when you’re traveling or working from home.